Review: Wanton Wonderland (The Looking-Glass Curse #3) by Eva Chase

Title: Wanton Wonderland

Series: The Looking-Glass Curse #3

Author: Eva Chase


Three keys to claiming Wonderland’s throne:

1. Win over the citizens (who are caught up in a drug-fueled daze).

2. Recover the magical artifacts of my royal line (which are hidden behind a squad of brutal guards).

3. Draw on the love of the three most extraordinary men I’ve ever met (one of whom is held captive by a tyrant queen).

Okay, I’ve got my work cut out for me. But my people and my lovers are counting on me. I won’t give up this wondrous land that feels more like a home than the world I grew up in ever did.

There’s a new queen in town. The Hearts and Diamonds had better get ready to bow down.

*Wanton Wonderland is the third and final book in a medium-burn reverse harem series that reimagines Alice in Wonderland. If you love spirited heroines, hot men with secrets to spare, and worlds full of unexpected delights and horrors, step through the looking-glass today!*

MY RATING: 5 Stars


So we finally know what the Looking Glass curse is – Lyssa is destined to be Queen of Wonderland, and she finally decided to embrace her destiny. If only she can find her way back to Wonderland. Lyssa’s Mom and best friend find her need to get back to her aunt’s rickity old house a little alarming and Lyssa finds their need to have all the furniture cleared out of the house incredibly alarming. How on earth will she get to Wonderland without the Looking Glass. 

Luckily for Lyssa (and us) she find her way back into the middle of an EPIC rebellion where our Spades are even living underground like any good rebel group is supposed to do at one time or another. Our merry band of rebels fight with The Knave, The Queen of Hearts, The Diamonds and even the very Clubbers they are trying to save. 

I am incredibly in love with the characters in this series and am so sad that the books are done. I can most honestly say I am going to miss the carefree Chess, Hatter who managed to find his Mad and the very princely Theo. Eva Chase created immensely round and flavourful characters that make me wish I could climb through the looking glass myself to go and give them a visit again. 

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