Review: He Sees Me Trilogy by Cynthia Sax

I would normally post a review per book – but all 3 books kinda just flowed into one another and I wouldn’t know where to stop and start reviewing which book and would rather not try.

Title: He watches Me

Series: The Seen Trilogy #1

Author : Cythia Sax


She desires to be seen. He wants to watch.

Anna Sampson has a naughty secret. Every night, she slips into her neighbor’s yard and swims naked in his pool. She fantasizes that the dynamic young billionaire watches her nightly nude aquatics, his brilliant green eyes gleaming with lust.

She discovers this isn’t pure fantasy. Gabriel Blaine has been watching her via his security cameras, and now that he has returned to L.A., he doesn’t plan to stop. That’s all he wants—to watch. Anna knows she shouldn’t allow him and she certainly shouldn’t want more, but she craves Blaine’s attention, needing his gaze fixed on her body.

MY RATING: 3 Stars

Title: He Touches Me

Series: The Seen Trilogy #2

Author: Cynthia Sax


His touch enflames her desires.

Anna Sampson has allowed billionaire businessman Gabriel Blaine to watch her, all of her. And looking is all he’s done—until now. After giving him permission to touch her, Anna realizes she won’t be satisfied until she has all of this handsome and secretive man.

Soon she tempts him, shreds his control, and pushes him too far. Blaine’s reluctance to take her virginity frustrates Anna. He fulfills her fantasy, but what is their reality together?

Part Two of The Seen Trilogy

MY RATING: 3 Stars

Title: He Claims Me

Series: The Seen Trilogy #3

Author: Cynthia Sax


A billionaire’s desires and a virgin’s wish to be claimed come together.

Two men want Anna Sampson. Gabriel Blaine is powerful, intelligent, the CEO of a successful company, and a billionaire. He’s watched her, touched her, encouraged her to become a strong, independent woman, a woman unafraid of her desires.

Now secrets from the past are exposed, threatening Anna’s freedom and safety. Will the man she loves stand by her side, or will he desert her, leaving Anna once again to face the future alone?

The searing climax of The Seen Trilogy. 

MY RATING: 2 Stars

So I know there is a lot of love for Insta Love books, and most of the time I have that love myself. Maybe the author just got me at the wrong time or in the wrong mood but I did not feel this. There were so many plot holes and issues that I found it really hard to get into and stay into it. Luckily all the books were quite short so managed to finish it in one night and it didn’t eat up to much of my time.

Anna is one of the most annoying MC’s I have come across in a long time. She is so dense and so impossibly unreal I don’t even know where to start. I am sorry but her whole poor me routine just annoyed instead of making me feel sorry for her. Even towards the end of the series she still hasn’t grown all that much. All they have done is dress her up and some ‘vintage’ suits and plastered some conditioner in her hair.

Gabriel… hmmm… I am sure I was supposed to find him sexy and generous. What I actually thought was that he was controlling (this coming from someone that routinely enjoys BDSM), a little shallow and not nearly clever enough to be the CEO of some big ass corporation.

I struggled to find anything likable about her co-worker (I think his name was Michael -yes that was how memorable he was). She was supposed to have this big old crush on him but to me has was just an annoying spoilt, shallow momma’s boy.

Now lets get to the plot holes. The gaps between the 3 books are never more than a day or two but all of a sudden Anna is talking like the relationship (HA! What relationship??) has been going on for months. Then Anna somehow manages to fall for the fact that he has had an opening at his offices just as she is looking for a second job… As the assistant to his assistant?? Not to mention that its perfectly okay to only assist after normal office hours? And she is obviously getting paid under the table but somehow Anna is too dense to pick up on this.


There were some redeeming qualities. Seriously there were I promise

This was a SERIOUSLY hot book. Cythin Sax knows how to write herself some seriously steamy sex scenes. I myself was feeling a little hot under the collar. I loved how she managed to make them progress slowly (only getting to the BIG whooha until much later in the series) but they still had LOADS of fun getting there.

And I loved Goth Girl. Snarky under the radar Goth Girl keeping our very annoying MC from being too dull.

Have you recently read something you seriously didn’t enjoy? Drop me a note so I don’t feel so alone out here…

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