Review: Going Wild (The Wild Ones #2) by C.M. Owens

Title: Going Wild

Series: The Wild Ones #2

Author: C.M. Owens


Wild Ones Tip #109
We’re the reason the gene pool needs a lifeguard.

People often ask me what in the hell convinced me to move to Tomahawk, Washington, where the four corners of crazy are known as the Wild Ones. They want to know what possessed me to live next door to the Vincents—the same ones who think it’s acceptable to fish with dynamite if the fish aren’t biting the hooks they so generously attempt to use.
They want to know why I ever thought I’d make it in the woods with bugs, bears, and other things that want to take a bite out of me.
I tell them all the same thing…
It’s a long, crazy story.
And of course, I blame one girl.


* Can be read as a stand-alone
* No cliffhanger
* Adult language and content
*If you’re looking for a serious, intense read… this isn’t that. This is the book to take a break from the more serious ones. 😉

Other books in the series: Becoming A Vincent (The Wild Ones #1)

MY RATING: 5 Stars


So even though each book is a stand alone and can be read by itself – it is really nice to know where some of the characters come from. In the first book of the series we meet Liam in the peripherals of Lilah and Benson’s story. Liam is the very mysterious, freakishly handsome LA transplant who seamlessly fits himself into the craziest town I have ever come across.

Now in the second book – we get to find out why he is there and how he fits into everything. I guess I want to start out by saying I love the title of this book as it couldn’t be more apt. We find out that Liam comes from a very (for lack of a better word) shallow back ground. He used to live a very boring existence and you get to see him go more wild the further into the book you climb.

Kylie is obviously also a super fun character (you would be hard pressed to find a Wild One that isn’t) but she is a little different to the rest being she actually routinely leaves their little haven of crazy to share her talent with the world. Thank goodness she does do this otherwise she would have never met Liam and I would still have been bored out of my mind hoping for another fun book to read.

I adore how intense, fun and so completely honest all these people are. I couldn’t get enough of all the zany characters and how normal they made crazy seem.

All in all – a “I couldn’t put it down until it was finished” amazing read.

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