Book Bingo with Romance Readers & Authors

So I am part of this really fun facebook group Romance Readers and Authors and they do this monthly bingo thing. I figured it could be fun to share it with you guys. I will be doing a weekly update of my score card if your interested 🙂

Here are the rules:

Here’s how you play:

Each square on the BINGO card has a book characteristic. You must find a book that satisfies that criteria and read it to mark off that square.

No Double Dipping! Each book only counts for ONE square, even if it would fit multiple places, so choose wisely.

No Square Jumping! Once you select a square for a particular book, it cannot be moved or changed (even if the square regret is real later in the game).

All books must be Romance (in addition to whatever other characteristic the square states. IE Romance WITH Vampires).

BINGO happens when you satisfy a entire row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally (like normal bingo). But let’s be honest, who isn’t going for a blackout? (Marking off all squares!)

All books must be at least 100 pages – short stories, anthologies, novellas, etc. do not count.

Re-reads do not count unless otherwise specified on the card. We want you to discover new books and authors! (We have a re-read square this month!)

You must finish the book for it to count. DNFs do not count.

Multiple books in a series can count for separate squares – just one book per square (we have squares for a whole trilogy this month, so get binging)!

There is a giveaway on the Facebook group – but I will be doing it for fun on here 🙂

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