9 Skills a Mom Needs to Master to Make it Through the Day.

So I had a REALLY crappy day today. Me and my hubby have been having a really tough time of it the last few months (financially mostly) and we were finally getting through to other side of the VERY long tunnel when Covid hit our country. Up until then it was just that scary disease that had China in such a state. All of a sudden there are all these scary things happening. Our president decided to close our country for 21 days (which is now sitting on day 59 btw).

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t disagree with what he did – it was something that had to be done to keep our country safe. Problem is that hubby and I were just gonna get our house put onto our name which would have sorted all our troubles but now all of these have been placed on hold.

Then today our child care arrangements got thrown out the window which was terrifying as it included police officers, a very frightened 4yo and us now having to still pay for school and now pay for alternate child care as both of us are working.

Side note here… can I share the complete idiocy of the complete country going back to work but NO schools / day care / ECD centres being open. YES I know we don’t want our kids going to school but the unfortunate truth here is that life has to go back to normal at some point.

Anyway so now we are in a boat where we can’t afford not work and we cant afford to work cos we have to pay for school and for an aupair to look after our kids. So I did this thing. This thing that all moms just know how to do. The Silent Cry. You know… that thing moms have to do so their kids don’t see it? That got me thinking on all those skills that mom’s have to master that NO ONE else has.

  1. As mentioned – the silent cry. When mom has tears streaming down her face but still plays with / interacts with their kids
  2. Getting your kids to believe in the absolute impossible – Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, that you actually have eyes on the back of your head.
  3. Having eyes on the back of your head. This is now not a myth. I have this sixth sense that just knows when my blue eyed little monster is up to something.
  4. The 1 2 3 count. In other words – your last ditch effort to get your kid to listen to you. This one I have got down to such an art that I don’t even have to go past 2 on most days.
  5. Multi-tasking. This is not exclusive to moms. All woman can do it. But no one can multitask like a mom with a toddler asking for a snack, a baby on the hip crying for her bottle (insert boob here) while cooking supper, packing the dishwasher and doing the laundry.
  6. Looking like absolute dog balls. You guys have no idea how much effort it takes for a mom to look as run down as we do. It’s epic.
  7. Ignoring that which is not essentially important. You know. Like toys on the floor. Or a toddler saying mommy ten times in row over and over and over again. Because she wants to know why her toys are on the floor.
  8. Thriving on little to no sleep. I don’t know if this is just me… but I have found that I can make it through my work day, making supper, putting kids through bath and bed time on about 2 hours of sleep. But throw in 1 night of 8 hours then I an screwed the next day.
  9. Knowing absolutely useless pieces of information that has absolutely no relevance to anything other then being able to master a toddlers computer games. Like the names of all the Disney Princesses. Or all the DC Superheroes. Or all the Ponies. Or the colour of Aurora’s dress.

Are there any skills that you as a mom have found that is absolutely essential to making it through the day?

Keep in mind… In South Africa you have to manage it without tobacco or alcohol… because we are the ONLY country in the world that bans BOTH.

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