Audio Review: The Girl in Cabin 13 (Emma Griffin FBI #1) by A.J. Rivers

Author: A.J. Rivers

Narrator: Claire Duncan

Length: 7 hours 32 minutes

Publisher: Altered Path⎮2020

Genre:  Thriller

Series: Emma Griffin FBI, Book 1

Release date: Aug. 15, 2020

Synopsis: Knock…knock…

When Emma finds a dead body on her porch with her name written on the dead man’s hand, she uncovers a sinister clue to the mystery that has haunted her since childhood.

FBI Agent Emma Griffin is sent undercover to the small sleepy town of Feathered Nest to uncover the truth behind the strings of disappearances that has left the town terrified.

To Emma, there is nothing that can lay buried forever. Even though her own childhood has been plagued by deaths and disappearances. Her mother’s death, her father’s disappearance, and her boyfriend’s disappearance. The only cases that she hasn’t solved. Her obsession with finding out the truth behind her past was what led her to join the FBI.

Now, she must face what may be her biggest case. In cabin 13, there lies an uneasy feeling. The feeling of her movements being watched. When a knock on her door revealed a body on her porch and her name written on a piece of paper in the dead man’s hand. Suddenly, her worlds collide.

With the past still haunting her, Emma must fight past her own demons to stop the body count from rising.

The woods have secrets. And this idyllic town has dark and murderous ones. Either, she reveals them or risk them claiming her, too.

In Feathered Nest, nothing is what it seems. 

The girl in cabin 13 is about to find out that the dead may have secrets of their own.

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5 STARS!!!!

So first off…

Not a fan of the title. A bit on the nose.

Literally the only thing about the book I didn’t like.

I am not a fan of spoiler reviews so I am going to try my best to not spoil it to much. If I do – you have my sincerest apologies.

Emma Munroe – ne Emma Griffin – is on the road of redemption. Trying to make up for past mistakes has her really digging deep to try and solve the serial dissapearances and murders happening in the very rural small town that no one would ever think a serial killer can hide.

With her own history and baggage holding her down she still manages to form a fast friendship with bar owner and all around good guy Jake. Things between them escalate quite slowly but sweetly. I really appreciated this – seeing as she technically should have still been hung up on her ex.

There is so much intrigue and mystery in this book. The characters felt so real and believable. And not for 1 second did I guess it right. A.J. Winters really through me for a loop. I mean obviously I did not suspect the most obvious suspect – but I cannot believe how wrong I was. This was a very enjoyable listen with a satisfying ending leaving you wanting more without making you feel like you have been robbed of something. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into the next installment.

Narration gets a 4 stars. I think I have been spoiled lately with 2 or more narrators but I felt that the male characters came across as a bit too feminine due to the narrator being female. Seriously though when just following the story and not having to listen to the men I was completely immersed into the story eagerly awaiting the narrators next words.

I Received a copy of this audio book in conjunction with this book tour in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way compensated for my opinion on the book.

A.J. Rivers loves all things mystery and thriller. Growing up in a sleepy small town, A.J. spent her days enthralled in crime solving novels and movies. She started creating stories at a young age to escape and create adventures for herself. As a child she dreamed of solving crimes and becoming a crime fighter. She dreamed of being as great as her favorite crime solving character Sherlock Holmes. While in college she realized that leading a crime fighting life might be more gruesome than she could stomach. She decided that the best course of action would be to fuse her love of writing with her love of thrilling mysteries together.

She finds inspiration from researching true crimes and is passionate about writing suspenseful novels with crazy twists. Twists that you’ll never see coming. The inspiration for her first novel came when she read a news article about a missing young woman in a small town that was never found. Her question on who, what, and why brought her to her journal to discovering the dark twisted story behind the disappearance and to seek justice for the victim through her writing.

Her thriller novels have elements of mystery, suspense, and romance.

When she’s not absorbed in a novel or working on her next thriller mystery, her favorite past time is spent with her husky. She finds great inspiration while going on hikes with her dog.


Claire Duncan is a multi-award winning actress living in NYC.  She has performed Off-Broadway, regionally, and in national tours, and appeared in the Drama Desk nominated revival of The Threepenny Opera. She has played the lead in a dozen films, and received a Best Actress Award for her work as Rosetta in the dark comedy Rosetta’s Blues, which debuted at Cannes. As a singer, she had the honor of performing at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, and toured the country as a travel host with Visit The USA.

Claire’s broad career has shaped her into an exceptional and flexible voice artist. You can hear her on Nickelodeon and Comedy Central, in hundreds of national commercials, and in over thirty audiobooks. 

“Claire Duncan was a dynamo”  – New York Stage Review

 “Simply side-splitting… a terrific comedic actress” – Show Business Weekly

Proud member of SAG-AFTRA and AEA.


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