ARC Review: Come Out Swinging by Sam Hall


Come Out Swinging


(Reach for the Moon #2)


Sam Hall 

They struck me down.
They tried to end me.
But I’m about to come out swinging.

My Rating?

Once again – Sam Hall Come’s Out Swinging. Yes I went with the obvious pun. Shoot me.

This book was EPIC. Sam Hall created an interesting world where werewolves were created when ‘Father Wolf’s’ children attacked ‘Mother Moon’s’ Maiden. This is a back story she used in another series (Jailbreak) – and a twist on werewolves that I haven’t seen before and really like.

The blurb doesn’t really give you a lot to go on words wise but it actually summarizes the book perfectly. Book 1 left us in a very angst ridden moment and thankfully picks up exactly where we need it to. Paige and her men take you on a very interesting journey – and I never quite knew where we were going to go next. And absolutely loved every moment of the trip!

From the beginning you are given crazy plot twists, moments of complete angst, and crazy family members that make you want to rip your hair out.

Some little bits of awesome from the book to help you see why I love it so much.

My first love, my childhood sweetheart, just smirked at me, a devilish gleam in his eye. I just shook my head, promising death and destruction.

I absolutely loved the playfulness between Declan and Paige. Even in the midst of preparing for a take down they take a few moments for some fun.

But the thought of you dominating me, or me dominating you? Being forced to experience curious pleasures? That’s F***ing hot.

Well duh. I don’t need to say anymore do I?

So the next quote is right in the middle of some crazy shiz. But Sam Hall gives you this amazing writing that it still ends up being nothing but beautiful:

“I need you.” Declan breathed the words on me, a spell that sucked me under, that had my lips tilting up to meet his, that needed the crush of his when they collided with mine. I tilted my body back like a flower following the sun.

Like a freaking flower following the sun. Seriously.

And last – but most certainly not least…

Lorcan was brittle. He was constantly trying to reapply this hard coating to protect himself from the world around him, but under that? I’d caught glimpses of it, hadn’t I? I’d been warned yet here I was, utterly gutted by what I felt.

Only Sam Hall was such a way with words. Such a heart breaking moment written with pure class.

This series is very quickly riding its way to the top of my favourites. I cannot wait to see where things go with Paige, her men and the stupid bish that calls herself Paige’s family.

Think this is something for you? Get it free on KU here!

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