Review: Predictive by LV Lane


Deep Fringe Wars book 1 by L.V. Lane


I can tell when someone is lying.
And I know when they speak the truth.
I predict about the future, about our civilization,
And I’ve predicted that we are going to lose the war.
I’m not afraid to use predictive skills to break the rules–to break people–if it’s necessary for the greater good.
My relationship with my brother may be strained, but he’s in trouble, And I’m going to get him out…whatever it takes.

Publishers note: Predictive is a science fiction, action-thriller set against a backdrop of a colonization war.

As a lover of all things books I have found myself gravitating towards a certain type of book lately. In this I discovered an amazing author who has made me venture into another sub-genre that I think I will be fast falling in love with.

L.V. Lane drew me in with her Dark OV – RH books. Then she drew me in deeper and deeper and deeper. I thought I was done discovering the wonders of her mind until I saw her request for ARC readers for Variant (book 2 in this series)
As I hadnt read these books yet I knew I had to give it a go and I can safely say I was not disappointed.
Predictive takes you on this amazing, spunky woman’s journey as she tries to save her entire Empire from extinction. I haven’t read a sci-fi quite like this before and I really enjoyed it.
There was ample action to keep your brain busy. Enough drama to keep your thirst for said drama quenched and enough romanceish to keep your heart happy.
This is by far not a romance but there is a definete underlier there that kept my romantic heart happy.

Really well written characters draw you into a story so well written you will find it impossible to put down your book.

World building so well done that you can feel the scratch of sand on your skin and the suffocating humidity of the swamp planet pulling you down.

I cannot wait to carry on with this adventure to the new colony planet (hopefully)

Like what you see? Well you can get it here


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