ARC review: Variant by L.V. Lane

One hundred years of stasis and a one-way ticket hoping to escape the endless war.
They expected a barren planet: soil, water, and at best microbe level life.
Instead, they found a verdant world full of diverse life…and a city advanced beyond understanding.
A planet, once their hope and now a source of confusion that might soon turn to despair.
A planet, but not their planet.
No, someone else had got there first…

Landon wakes up after a hundred years in stasis – ready to lead a colonization expedition. But things aren’t as easy as it all first comes across.

There is a definite vibe to this book. An epic vibe. As with Predictive this book is focused on Eva, Landon, Eric & Riley and their adventures. I was so excited to to get my hands on this book as I got so attached to the characters in the first book and was really interested in seeing where L.V. Lane would take us.

I can honestly tell you what ever I was expecting… That’s not what I got. She completely through me for a loop from the first few chapters I was taken on a Rollercoaster ride that had me up reading until the early morning hours.

Once again we’re blessed with excellent characters and really great world building. Our characters are forced to survive on this new world and the manor in which Ms Lane wrote this borders on genius.

I loved it. Every moment of it.

It’s out pretty soon so get it on pre-order now!

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