REVIEW: Lured (Promised to the Pucks #1) by Sam Hall


(Promised to the Pucks #1)

by Sam Hall 

Sold to the goblin king. Super hot on the page, not so much when you’re living it.

I’d been living a small little life, reading romance novels on my break and working for my uncle in a dead end job when he sends me to his ‘male revue’ club. I expect to see wall to wall hot guys, but nothing prepares me for the Puck brothers.

After a wild night out, with men who turn out to be so much more than your average strippers, I think it’s a one time, steamy encounter. Yet somehow the next day, push comes to shove and they’re calling in my Uncle’s debts.

Their price? Me.

The deal? For one year, I’m to be taken to the hall of the Goblin King, to do whatever they ask and at the end of the contract, I’m free to go.

The question is, will I still want to?
I just have to hold out against these goblin’s desires, but God hasn’t created a woman that can resist the Pucks.

Author note: This is a paranormal reverse harem romance, so multiple love interests, one girl. It is super hot and steamy so 18+ only. 



Honestly – I don’t know how I could give this anything but 5 stars.

Yes yes I know I sound like a groupie.

That’s probably cos I am a groupie.

Thing is – I am a groupie for a reason. Sam Hall has written another amazing masterpiece that I just cannot get over.

I have never watched the movie the book is based off of (very loosely in the end) so I entered the world of the goblin king with a completely blank slate.

Meghan is this amazingly strong female character that is bookish and fearsome all in the same breath. She gets swept up in this crazy world of the Pucks and takes on very big life changes without too much of a fuss. I honestly wish I had her moxy (yes I sound 80 – if you don’t like it move right along folks…)

And I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on the Pucks either.

Normally I always have a favourite and a least favourite when it comes to my RH books. There is always one that stands out above the rest and one that I really don’t like. This time I do have my favourite – but there seriously isn’t one that I don’t like this time around. All 5 of the men are insanely handsome, they already love our FMC and are doing their damndest to get her to come around to their way of thinking.

As always – I have to leave you with a few tidbits to leave you gagging for more…

Falling in love, it was a bit like jumping off a cliff I decided. When you make that commitment, tie your heart to another’s, you make yourself exquisitely vulnerable.

In this Sam Hall encompasses something so incredibly intimate to us in such a beautiful sentence that I was practically breathless.

OK, I was officially f**k**g mush. Hot dudes with intense eyes were my kryptonite. Hot GROWLY, possessive dudes making declarations? My knickers were so damn saturated Emergency Services were about to send out search and rescue boats.

I always love a good vag gag. This was one of my favourites.

My cervix fought the urge to disconnect from my body and run around the room yiking at the look of that one eyed trouser snake

Need I say more?

If you aren’t already absolutely gagging for the book – then I think you need to check your pulse…

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