REVIEW: Take Down (Reach for the Moon #3) by Sam Hall

Take Down

(Reach for the Moon #3)

by Sam Hall 

She’s cut a bloody swathe through my home town, my whole family, but now its time for her reign of terror to come to an end. But right as I gear up for the fight of my life, they arrive.
The man who brutalised my mates’ mother, who makes it his business to keep women like me down, rolls into town. But why?
What the hell does he hope to achieve, watching the smack down between me and my aunt, and why is Stevie calling Nance only a distraction?
I came home to avenge my father, but now I’m looking down the barrel of quite a different kind of take down and only Mother Moon knows who’ll walk away unscathed.


Well hello there.

Last book in the series – so if your looking for a complete binge, this is it.

Do you like rejected mates?

Do you like to read about more than one love interest?

Do you also feel like you shouldn’t have to choose?

Then this is for you.

I have loved taking this journey with Paige from the first moment I opened the first book. As her story carried on I grew more and more attached to her and her men. I have always loved a FMC that was able to stand up for herself. Someone that didn’t need the men in her life to fight her battles for her. But soft enough and sensitive enough to let her men step in from time to time.

Sam Hall created such a colourful world with an intense back story with Ulfric and the Moon maiden that I was immersed into their culture, their belief system to the point where I wanted to go outside and cry my troubles to the moon.

This book has the most amazingly well rounded ending with such a kick that I actually felt it to my gut.

An excellent ending the an epic series. I will be sad to see the characters go.

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