Review: Claimed For Their Pleasure (Omega Prey #6) by L.V. Lane

Claimed For Their Pleasure

(Omega Prey #6)

by L.V. Lane

War is coming …

For as long as I can remember, Brandon has been my obsession. But the Beta warrior had far higher standing in the clan and barely noticed me.

Until one day he did, and everyone assumed we would wed.

Then war arrived and brought a forgotten Alpha back into my life.

Gage, the mysterious warrior I found injured in the woods. Son of a clan king, he is also our enemy.

I can’t deny that I want Gage.
But I want Brandon too.

Then I revealed …

Now I’m an Omega.
One both men want. 

Once again, war is coming, only this time … it is over me.

Claimed For Their Pleasure is a MFM fantasy Omegaverse with a barbarian Alpha and Beta determined to own their sweet but stubborn Omega mate! 


Holy Hot Book Alert!!!!

L.V. Lane is one of those special author’s that writes in multiple genres and makes each of them look like it was effortless. This book was NO exception.

Jessa is the definition of the stereotypical good girl. Never one to break the rules and always following her parents’ lead. In secret though she lusts after not only one man but two. To make matters worse one of them is pretty much an enemy to her clan.

Jessa is fierce. She is afraid but still faces what ever she is afraid of. She wants what she wants and even though in the beginning she isn’t as forth coming with her needs – she ends up being quite voracious in her appetites’ as the book progresses.

I love the enemies to lovers feel without actually having Jessa be enemies with either of her men. I really enjoyed the smutacular love fest between the characters. And even more than that I love the angst and action that Lane provided us throughout the book. As always, never a dull moment and I couldn’t have been more pleased.


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