Review: Trapped (Promised to the Pucks #2) by Sam Hall


(Promised to the Pucks #2)

by Sam Hall 

Mickey had always promised me adventures. Now I was about to have one for real.
I’d dropped down the rabbit hole, following the trail of my magical fae men, so now what?
Fantastic creatures, alien landscapes, obscure rituals and me.
Somehow I’m the most powerful of them all, which puts a bounty of my head.
Capturing me means taking my power for yourself.
Is that why the preternaturally beautiful Pucks want me by their side, or is it for reasons even more complex?
Find out more in Trapped!

Sam Hall is a literary genius.

Give her a bunch of shifter wolves and she creates a story filled with smut-tacular love and crazy heat.
Give her a bunch of bad band boys and she weaves a politically impactful fantasy with Fae the likes I’ve never seen.
The you give her a 1986 classic and she gives you yet another masterpiece. And the sequel just gets better.
Meghan and her men continue to dive down the rabbit hole and in this second book their relationships develop at a decent pace. It grabs you by the hair and draws you in in such a way that you literally cannot put the book down once you’ve settled in.

This book contains excellent character development and such epic world building that I was so immersed in their story that I was a little surprised to not find a unicorn in my back yard when I finally crawled my way back out of the book.
Trapped is a very accurate title for this book as I was trapped by the characters and the story line from start to finish.
Thanks Sam Hall for another great and satisfying read.

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