Review: True North (Compass #1) by Aria Wyatt

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True North

(Compass #1)

by Aria Wyatt


I’m a woman in exile.

Well . . . okay, maybe that’s a little extreme. My boss called it a temporary leave of absence, right before he offered me a promotion on my way out the door.

What does one do with two weeks to kill and big life decisions to make? If you’re me, you hop a plane to Alaska for a solitary retreat.

I wanted silence and tranquility. The time and space to think. I wasn’t prepared for what I got: THE Wes Emerson.

The Australian actor is too gorgeous—and too irresistible—for his own good. An infuriating mix of cocky and charismatic, he’s made it his mission to antagonize me.

But no matter how much I want to believe his flirting is genuine, I’m not stupid. Let’s be real, Wes is way out of my league, and I’ll be an afterthought as soon as this vacation is over.


It was supposed to be a guys’ trip.

Just me and my best mates at a remote lodge in Alaska’s Far North. They promised a breather from the stifling attention. Nature. Seclusion. Two weeks with no cameras, no autographs, and definitely no women.

Tell that to the snarky New York nurse who snagged the resort’s last vacancy.
Lena Hamilton is the wildcard I never expected to be dealt.

She’s got a dirty mind and a smart mouth. She doesn’t just rattle my cage, she bites back, pushing buttons I didn’t know I had. Her soft heart and fiery spirit make me ache for things I’ve sworn off for years. Something more. Something deeper.

Lena doesn’t believe I truly want her, but when we find ourselves at the mercy of the Alaskan wilderness, she has no choice but to trust me.

My Rating: Solid 5 Stars.

This book was an absolute blast to read.

It’s been quite a while since I literally picked up a book and devoured it in one sitting. And for it to come from an author who’s still pretty new in the scene I find incredibly impressive.

Wes and Lena are really strong and well written characters. They are both equally gorgeously written in such a way that you cannot help but fall in love with them – flaws and all. Added an additional 2 (what I would class main) characters there are plenty of characters to get lost in.

And plenty of relationship development to get hooked on too. The chemistry between Wes and Lena is explosive to say the least. You have quite a nice heat simmering between the two of them while you also have the friendships building amongst the other characters.

I cannot wait to see them all get their own books so I can just delve deeper into them. I already miss having them around to share my afternoon with.

If the amazing characters aren’t enough to draw you in then the complex story line with adventure, romance, fun and some serious moments to keep things grounded.

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