Review: Trina Courted on Neanides

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Trina Courted On Neanides: An Alien Experience

by Daisy Shell

She’s stuck on an alien planet as a slave. He’s a criminal about to go down. Working together is their only hope, but will it also be her downfall?

Trina is no stranger to hard work. Abandoned on an alien planet, she’s cast into a life of servitude working with dangerous criminals. Her only way out is to marry a planet native, and she has the perfect one in mind. But will joining forces with him free her or get her embroiled even deeper into the criminal world?

Jango thought he had left his criminal past behind. Framed for a crime he did not commit, he needs to clear his name before it’s too late. The only upside? The woman he met while running down leads. Can he free himself and win her over at the same time?

Joining forces, Trina and Jango have no clue how bad things will get once they start probing deeper into Jango’s arrest. As they fight to uncover the truth, they get dragged further and further into the conspiracy behind it all while falling deeper into the trap of each other.

Trina Courted on Neanides is an action-packed sci-fi, alien crime thriller perfect for science fiction fans who enjoy a gripping alien romance.

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Trina was your usual kidnapped human and enslaved by her captors to work off her debt for the rest of her lives. Working as an administrator in a prison she starts plotting different ways to get out from under their thumbs. One of these ways is to find herself a mate.

In steps Jango. Fierce protector of the innocents and a little misunderstood in his youth he immediately becomes drawn to Trina and starts courting her.

However sinister forces are a foot in the back ground and they won’t just easily get their happily ever after without a bit of a fight first.

Daisy Shell shows an immense amount of promise. Her story line and characters are incredibly intriguing and draws you in from the beginning. It is such a great way to get introduced into a new world.

Daisy Shell is also an excellent at world building and creating a whole new universe and still making it rather believable for a sci-fi story.

A baby author that shows excellent promise going forward once some editing issues are sorted out.

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