ARC Review: Twice Unwrapped by Maci Dillon

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Twice Unwrapped (Hearts on Fire #1)

by Maci Dillon

Twice Unwrapped:Revised & Rewritten

Re-Release: October 22

Jaynie Roberts unexpectedly finds herself facing another Christmas alone, nursing a sensitive heart and shattered ego.

When best friend Elle Prescott sacrifices her family holiday to stay in the city, Jaynie is completely oblivious to the deal Elle has made with her cousins in return.

The Bass twins, Mason and Xander, had marked Jaynie as theirs, long before now. With the brothers confident they are the ones to pull Jaynie from her man-hating funk, they won’t stop until they’ve broken down her barriers, unwrapped her insecurities and rescued the little minx held captive.

Unable to ignore the lust cursing through her veins and unwilling to walk away, Jaynie is powerless to stop Mason’s panty-wetting seduction. Falling under his spell, Jaynie surrenders herself to a mind-blowing night of passion that promises to push her limits further than she ever thought possible.

When Xander walks in—a complete alpha male, his mere presence demanding her attention—Jaynie is shocked and embarrassed at the way her body immediately responds to him.

At the mercy of two insatiable men, this promises to be a sinfully delicious, erotic encounter that will leave a fire in your panties, and a smile on your face.


What a spicy fun short read.

Maci Dillon once again does not disappoint. A really fun, hotttt and sexy holiday romance that leaves you gasping.

Jaynie is not excited about her holiday plans and soon tries to abandon them. Her bestie’s twin cousins have other ideas. And soon put those plans into play. Things heat up really nicely really quickly. No cold Christmas for this trio.

The characters are all fun, really well written and incredibly easy to get into it. And what exactly is not to love about a cuurvy FMC?

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