Review: Bad Girl by Sam Hall

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Bad Girl

(The Season #2)

by Sam Hall 

Once upon a time, there was a girl in love with a boy and the two of them thought they’d spend the rest of their lives together, happily ever after.
And then we changed.
Out of all the designations we could reveal as we both had to become this: something completely incompatible.
But that hasn’t stopped us, each circling the other, him needing me, me needing him.
And both of us needing something else. Something we can’t give the other.
We thought we had it sorted, going to clubs, using those that think they’re stronger, better than us to fulfil our needs, but always, always staying true to the other.
And then they came and ruined it, bursting our into our tense little situation and promising us something else altogether: a façade to protect us, a means to be together.
Which, of course, we grabbed with both hands.
But in the process, we grabbed a whole lot more than we had expected and everything is about to change.
Will the girl and the boy get their happily ever after, or will they get exactly what they need?

It’s times like these that I wish I was an author. I really want to be able to wax lyrical in a way that does this book justice.

Once again Sam Hall displayed her genius by creating a masterpiece. Yes, this book is unendingly smut-filled but it is so much more than just a reverse harem. As always Sam Hall’s writing touches on issues that so many other author’s shy away from and she does it in such an incredible way that it does not feel forced or overdone.

This book is filled with complex characters that you cannot help but love. Kit is such a great FMC. She is cheeky, she is soft, she is selfless to a fault (without being simpering) and she isn’t scared to go for what she wants and for what she feels Tristan needs.

Let’s talk about Tristan shall we? Oh my. I am still fanning myself. He is such an alpha male while still having an Omega designation. I don’t even know where Sam got the idea for him, but I would like to send her right back there to get some more for us to enjoy.

Added to these two very lovely Omega’s we have the most mushy of Alpha’s in Len who from the start just grabbed my attention. I mean, seriously? Taking them on a date? Yes please. I was a little mad at how oblivious he seemed to Jackson, but let’s face it… things there will sort themselves out nicely.

Lastly – but most definitely NOT least. James. I am soooo glad he is getting his story told too.

All in all, great characters, stupendous side characters, who are demanding their own story and a great story line that has you glued from he word go.

Now I just need another word go. Like yesterday

Thank you Sam Hall for sharing this with us.


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