Review: Hunting Vixen by S.A. Michelle

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Hunting Vixen

by S.A. Michelle 

When my twin sister was kidnapped as a child, I was lost. Now I’m all grown up, and I’m the monster in the dark. They call me Vixen and I hunt the men who dare harm the innocent.

I may not have been as subtle as I thought, While I have been hunting the monsters, someone has been hunting me. And I don’t mean the five sexy strangers who showed up in my town. No, there’s something ghastly slithering behind me in the dark.

Winston, Kane, Dean, Graham, and Cayden work for The Agency and they have one goal, take down the vigilante Vixen. They weren’t looking for a relationship, and neither was I but the connection between us is undeniable and instant.

Now I’m dating five guys and living with a secret identity. As long as I keep my two lives separate, what can go wrong?

Hunting Vixen is a reverse harem which means the FMC will not have to choose between her love interest. This is a fast burn, instant attraction novel, that will end on a cliffhanger. Trigger warnings include but are not limited to mental, physical, and sexual abuse, child abuse both physical and sexual. This is a dark and emotional book that should not be taken lightly.

Hunting Vixen is a Dark RH romance. It is also S.A. Michelle’s debut novel. And what a way to step into writing world.

Vixen (Leigh) is a really well written, easy to get into character. She’s a fierce character with a rather dark back story that only makes her so much more intriguing. She has had quite a bit taken from her, but makes an enormous amount of effort to give back to the people that need it.

Enter the guys from the agency that have been sent to hunt her down.

Queue insane amounts of heat, chemistry and BURN baby BURN.

This was a really well-written debut novel with a lot of interesting twists, plot and characters. The development allowed for relationship development and time enough to get to know the amazing side characters too.

I do warn you though – this book does end in quite a cliffhanger. So get ready to settle in for a wait because you will HAVE to know what happens next.

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