Review: Jail’em by Sam Hall

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Jail ‘Em

(Jailbreak #3)

by Sam Hall 

I got Jai back, found Maeve’s stone and freed the female wolves of Harvest Grove, so that should be it, right?
Of course not.
Right as I’m trying to find a way to bring my pack together, a new danger emerges.
The stone, the Institute, even my unborn children, they’re all part of a much bigger plan, one that could result in the world’s population being enslaved.
I just want my children to be born healthy and safe, but it appears to make that happen, we need to save the world as well.

So I’ve been on this journey from the start… If I should go back and look at my reviews, Nail’em was probably my first ARC for Sam Hall. And what a freaking wild ride it was.

From book 1 Shannon has grown into such an amazing character. She was a little meek, a little run down by the oldies in the village and hiding away who she was. I had never read a forced proximity romance before and I LOVED it.

And I’ve only grown more attached to this series as time wore on. Shannon is a powerhouse (Pun intended) and her relationships with the men have evolved in such a graceful way. There is obviously an insane amount of hot smexy times that do not leave you hanging and there is gooey squishy bits that make me very very happy to have followed along for this journey.

Sam has also put an insane amount of thought and research into the cultural and mystical portions of the book. And it shows.

Honestly this is a another smash hit. I love it. I can’t wait to see what Sam does next.

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