Fiala’s Return (Fall of Fiala Duet #1) By Sullyn and Auberon Shaw

Trapped. Caged. Hidden from the people I fought for. I saved them, shielded them from my father’s dark, twisted magic.

And what did I get in return? My reward for giving my life for the people of Fiala? I was forgotten. Turned into a fairytale, a bedtime story.

They knew. They all knew. But no one dared check on their beloved princess, until one day, they came for me—four men determined to see if the rumors were true, men who were not afraid of what I had become.

So here I am, free and on the search for my mother, hoping she can point us in my father’s direction, so I may end him once and for all.

I only hope we get there before the consequences of our actions catch up to us, but revenge is too sweet and forgiveness is long gone.

Nothing is certain. Lies follow me and swarm this world. But there’s one thing I am certain of: love will be my salvation and my destruction.

The Princess of Fiala has returned to the light, but she never escaped the darkness. Join her and her harem on a dark, villainous adventure.

The Fall of Fiala Duet is the villain creation story for a second duet, title TBD. NO HEA, NO HEA, NO HEA, again, NO HEA, but we will see the characters again in the following duet.

Content Warning: murder, emotional manipulation by a parent

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What did I just read?

So. Fair warning. This is book one in a duet. It does NOT have a HEA. It doesn’t have a HFN either. It has nothing resembling any kind of resolution. In stead you’re left with a broken fudging heart.

Okay now I can get to all the lovely bits that I absolutely adored.

Perla. Is. The. Bomb. She is strong, ferocious, self aware, bad a$$ and really freaking amazing. She knows exactly who she is, and is NOT ashamed of it at all. She might have started out the good guy, but along the way she has seen way too many things that no princess (or queen) ever should and these things changed her in ways I don’t think we’re done discovering yet.

Her men. Her men are absolutely freaking tasty. They are adorable and strong and protective and let her be who she is and so many other contradictions that work together so well that I fell in love with them all. So. Freaking. Quickly.

The plot is so well thought-out and the world-building is out of this world (pun intended).

If you’re in the mood for something dark, twisty and angst filled. This is for you.

But please please please look at the triggers.

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