Review: Averie and the Grizzly Skulls by Sullyn Shaw

Averie and the Grizzly Skulls

by Sullyn Shaw 

I came here for information about the Grizzly Skulls, the infamous motorcycle club. That’s all I wanted, but I got so much more than I asked for.

Little did I know, information came at a price, one I wasn’t prepared to pay. With each question, I signed away my body, giving them more and more of myself until my life had been handed over to Grizzly and his inner circle, Kodiak, Ursus, Honey, and Sonny.

In one hour, they taught me to care for them. In the next, I was nothing more than their ‘little bird’ meant to be used in their sick game.

The cabin they locked me in was now my prison, but maybe, it would be the place I learned to fly.

Averie and the Grizzly Skulls is a dark, contemporary, reverse harem, motorcycle club novella meant for an adult audience of 18+. If you are not looking for a book containing non-consent, DO NOT READ.

Content Warning: noncon, dubcon, blood play.

First. Check the triggers.
Done? Still here. Good. Now read the damn book. It’s brilliant. It’s dark, filthy and downright smutty. And so amazing.
Averie gets taken on the ride of her life and I was there for every single moment of it. It’s well written, unique and delicious. It’s honestly the best dark erotic book I’ve read in a VERY long time.

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