Review: Shifting Their Ideals by Aisling Cousins

Shifting Their Ideals (The Lost Therian Omega, #1)

by Aisling Cousins 

To be a successful pack, you must have an Omega. Alpha and Beta shifters can become feral when congregated in large numbers without an Omega’s calming influence.

Eighteen years ago, I was kidnapped with my mother. They wrongly assumed she was an Omega.

For ten years, I watched them break her, beat her, abuse her in every way. They promised my fate would be the same when I came of age.

They were wrong.

I escaped. Taking my two young brothers with me. We’ve avoided all other shifters for eight years.

Until now.

Now a new pack has moved in, and they seem to have an interest in my brothers. In me.

I will not become someone’s toy.

I will not repeat my mother’s fate.

The shifter world seems to think all Omegas are docile and submissive.

They are wrong.

They’ll underestimate me, not knowing I’m more than just a shifter.

I’m more than just an Omega.

I’m a Therian. I can be any mammal.

So let them try and take me.

Shifting Their Ideals is the first book in The Lost Therian Omega series as such, it will end on a cliffhanger. This is a paranormal why-choose romance, meaning the main character will not have to choose between love interests. This book is suitable for readers 18+ due to content including but not limited to explicit language, sexual scenes, MM. Trigger Warnings include kidnapping, mentions of past trauma, including rape of a third party character. Your mental health is essential a full list of triggers will be at the front of the book, please read these first

This book is Aisling’s debut novel. You would never be able to tell. She weaves a masterful story of romance, intrigue and just enough action to keep you glued to the pages.
Kya is a fierce character, not the kind of omega you’re used to normally reading, and I loved it. She’s strong-willed and quick to stand up for herself and her brothers. The relationship between Kya and her brothers is adorable to read and I’m seriously hoping for a spin-off there one day.
The relationship development between Kya and her guys is just perfect. They have some grovelling to do in the beginning and I believe Aisling did an admirable job of covering it.
I can’t wait to see what Aisling has in store for us next.

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