Mama of 2



Writer once upon a time

Old time blogger starting again

Wanna be cook



Uhm…Basically Jill of all trades… Really Master of none.

I am a mom of two with a pretty boring life – you know, work, home, momming, wifeing (yes I know these aren’t real words) and then I get to climb into this wonderful, magical, fantastical and sometimes paranormal world where I have no stresses, no issues and just good old words to keep me company. Reading is what I was made for. The blogging about books is just an extra perk. Not only do I get to read but now I get to share my (sometimes) unwanted opinions with other readers.


  1. Jill, Maia Gomez with Silver Dagger provided me with the schedule for the book tour she’s doing for my book, First Second Coming. You’re scheduled for Saturday, so I’m reaching out in advance to thank you for your participation and help in getting the word out on FSC to your followers

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