Sssexy Saturdays

Series Saturday & Stacking the Shelves @ Tynga’s Book reviews & Reading Reality

Plus… A Bit of Shelf Candy Saturday (I have NOOO idea if this is still a thing but the blog I used to link up to is no longer active so feel welcome to point me in the right direction.

Series Saturday is pretty much what it says. A chance to spot light your new favourite / old favourite / just plain favourite series.

I have been waxing poetic about The Wild One’s all week so will be giving them a skip… This week I will bring one of my OLD favourites out. I can honestly not count the amount of times I have reread it.

Rock Chicks by Kristen Ashley

It’s a series of +-10 books (including the novellas) and its a collection of absolutely hilarious girls and incredibly hunky guys finding themselves incredibly lucky in love but so so so unlucky in everything else. The Hot Bunch guys (As the girls have nicknamed them) and the Rock Chicks all have to face hellish plots to kill them, kidnap them or do all sorts of other nasty things to them before they can have their happily ever after. So if you are a fan of seeing the guys work for it – this series is for you.

Stacking the Shelves:

So our lovely president has declared that we are now downgraded from Level 5 lockdown to Level 4. Which basically means… nothing to a book fanatic. Book stores are apparently not all that essential if your not trying to buy text books or stationary. So I am still stuck with KU, and what ever other e books I can get my hands on. So this week we have some slim pickings:

I guess I needed a little dark in my life – without even realizing it…

Shelf candy Saturday is a meme I used to love… Basically you get to share your favourite covers of the week. As I am a self proclaimed lover of covers *cough Judger cough* this one was right up my ally. As I mentioned in the beginning – the blog I used to link up to is no longer active (A Nights dream of books) So if you know who’s doing it now – or feel like jumping in leave me your links / comments down below.

Beauty from Surrender is the 2nd installment in the Beauty series by Georgia Cates – it’s a book sitting on my book shelf that my 4 yo decided to bring to me to read to her (can anyone say eeeeeek). It reminded me why I bought the series though – this cover kinda just shouted at me

Gut-Checked and Trinity kind of just shouted at me while I was browsing – I might end up going back for them and the only reason I didn’t get them today is cos… well my babies probably need to eat this week and can’t really feed them e-books for supper.

So how is your Saturday shaping up? Lemme know down below 🙂

Be Safe!


  1. I totally love a good cover and Trinity looks awesome!

    Have a great weekend! 🙂 And thanks for visiting my blog!!!

  2. I’m totally a cover judge, that’s why I have the ;alternative’ book cover awards on my blog, they fascinate me! I will buy a book without even reading the blurb, if the cover is good and it does a good representation of the expected genre!

    I’d love to read Devil’s Day Party, and the Fangs cover is awesome!

    • I do the exact same thing – so glad to hear someone else does it too… Unfortunately I have a few books that I DNF cos the cover was sooo good and I didn’t enjoy the book that much.

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