Tuesday Madness #2

TTT (Top Ten Tuesday @ That Artsy Girl)

Your Top Ten Bookish Christmas party ideas… Oh this one just has my mind going bananas. I love themed parties – and if were being honest here what is better than a bookish theme?

Let’s play DRESS UP

There are so many ideas one can get from this… Dress up as your favourite literary character from a Fantasy / Romance / Classic novel? My mind is going to so many places – who would you dress up as?


Thanks to Book Riot for your image

I found the most AMAZING decor ideas over on Book Riot. Not just the Christmas tree but also some lovely tree ornaments and a wreath for your front door.


So when I think Chrsitmas and I think bookish nibbles… My mind goes towards Harry Potter because they had the loveliest feasts for Christmas. I have always wanted to try and make me some butter beer, and I would for sure go all out with the whole Christmas feast. Some pies, some stuffing. A big ol’ turkey roast. But what would Christmas be if we didn’t stuff ourselves full of snacks before…

Some cookies and pretzels and chips and snack plates and little donuts and so so so much more.

Some party games!

I have always loved the idea of hosting a murder mystery… so what better then having one Agatha Cristie type murder mystery with a Christmas theme?

Secret Santa

We’ve already got ourselves a mystery going… So why not add a secret santa into the mix? Everyone can share their top ten list of books they would like for Christmas – and we can share some books galore


Soooo – in stead of listening to the same old *cough* tired *cough* carols – why not listen to the sound tracks from our favourite books instead?

Teaser Tuesday @ The Purple Booker

The rules here are simple. Grab the book your busy with, open on a random page and quote 2 snippets from that page. Just don’t spoil the book for your fellow readers and don’t forget to give us the title and author of the book.

So I am busy with Beneath the Stain by Amy Lane

Page 124 / 340 (37%)

“What in the hell are you talking about?” he dmanded bluntly. ” I’m lost. “Am I like a mark on your record or something?”

What do you think, is that enough to get you interested or do you want more? Lucky for you – Beneath the stain can be found on KU 🙂

First Chapter, First Paragraph, Tuesday Intros with @ Socrates Book Reviews

So sticking with Beneath the Stain:

The first time McKay Sanders kissed his brother’s best friend, Grant, they were getting high in a burned-out car in the field behind Mackey’s apartment building. Kellogg, who looked old enough to buy even though he’d just turned eighteen, had spent ten dollars the brothers didn’t have on cheap Muscat.

I haven’t actually started with this one. But I needed a bit of a break from all the RH I have been reading so went back to some lovely MM action. Will let you know what I think.

Thanks for stopping by and be safe!


  1. I always adore the bookish Christmas tree! Though I’ve yet to master making one myself! Lol!

    Nice teaser too!

    Thanks for visiting my Tuesday post!

  2. But the first thing I think with Christmas is cold, and I’m done with that! LOL We need spring to come and stay here in Michigan. Murder Mystery Christmas would be great fun for November or December though! 🙂

    • Oh no – I am a big fan of the cold. Unfortunately I live in a warm climate where we don’t even get a cold Christmas as that is our summer… Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Oh my gosh, a bookish Christmas party would be FABULOUS. I love the book tree idea! There’s so many wonderful bookish foods you can make, too. I’m thinking all those lovely recipes in books, or books that make your mouth water because they keep talking about certain foods. xD Um, so much YES to Ho Ho Homicide, too. I just love this.

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