My Week in Books # 10 *** loads of free books ***

So this week has been a killer of a week. Had myself a lovely COVID scare. Which is terrifying – not for myself but for my kids. My youngest is 15 months old and has Asthma so we have been living this pandemic terrified of her getting it.

Luckily all is good in the house of us – and I got a week off work to recover from the flu from hell!

First up:

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

First things first – Tis the season and a bunch of authors have come together to give out LOADS of freebies. What is the catch you say? All you gotta do is sign up for the news letters.


Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:


Review Tour: Marauder by Bella Di Corte – 4.5 Stars

Guest Post: Parallax by Dixie Jackson – Where It All Began

Review Tour: Haven by Jessia Jayne – 4.5 Stars

Audio Review Tour: Silence (Little Mermaid Retold) by Demelza Carlton – 4.5 Stars

Review Tour: The Magic in Fire Boxed Set – 4 Stars

Cover Reveal: Uncrossed by JA Huss – A really stunning cover!

Audio Review Tour: Wicked Embrace by Olivia Boothe – 4 Stars

Then a little bonus – Author of A Touch of Death – Rebecca Crunden had a giveaway during her book tour and I won! Lovely $25 Amazon gift card ready to buy loads of extra books.


Audio Review Tour: Mistletoe and Cocoa Kisses by Stacy Eaton – 15/12/2020

Review Tour: A Demon’s Witch Series by Tena Steler – 16/12/2020

Review Tour: Prepped to Kill by M. Lee Scott – 16/12/2020

Audio Review Tour: Awaken (Sleeping Beauty Retold) by Demelza Carlton – 17/12/2020

Review Tour: Full Moon in Leo by Brooklyn Ray – 17/12/2020

Guest Post: Run to You by Jayne Townsley – 20/12/2020

And I might fit in some time to review an ARC or two. Never know.




How it works:

  1. Post an answer to the weekly question
  2. Link up to the post on the lovely Ramblings of a coffee addicted writer
  3. Visit a few other posts – make some new friends, follow a few folks and maybe have some visitors fly by your very own blog.

This week’s question:

Uhm – I don’t do this. Even if it is a really crap book I gotta finish it, even if I skip to the end of the book I have to find out what happens.

So I guess that is my week in books.

How was yours?


  1. A 15 months old baby with asthma must be stressfull even without the Covid situation, I can’t imagine what you must have been experiencing ! Take care and have a lovely, zen week 🙂

  2. The only time I put a book down is when my heads just not in it and I don’t have to write a review. I plan on picking it back up though, since that means I probably bought it. Looks like you had a great bookish week. Boy, you read a lot of books in a short amount of time. Happy reading!

    • I don’t sleep much 😉 and add to the fact I was off most of the week… that helps – and I can clear up a bit more time in the coming weeks as I will be going on leave for the holidays come Wednesday. I normally only do 2-3 books and 1 audio book.

  3. Sorry to hear you came down with the flu from hell! I’m happy it wasn’t Covid. Yay for winning a $25 Amazon Gift card! Enjoy your book spending spree! 🙂

  4. I had a COVID scare this week too. Thankfully, it was just a bad respiratory infection. But, it was nice to be forced to take time off while I awaited the test results. Otherwise, I knew I would have gone back to work too soon.

  5. Oh no- glad you didn’t get Covid. Flu is bad enough! We’ve had it here (our whole household) and it was scary, although thankfully we had mild cases. Stay safe! And happy reading this week 🙂

  6. I am sorry to hear you’ve been sick, but am so glad it wasn’t COVID. Although I know the flu can be pretty bad on its own. I hope you are feeling better now. Looks like you have been reading some good books! I hope you have a great week. Take care.

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