Tuesday Madness #3

Yes – it’s Wednesday. Deal with it. My Tuesday was absolute madness at work, with the kids and when I finally had 15 minutes to sit down and do the post I was about 2 paragraphs from finished when everything just went haywire and I lost my entire post. So suck it up buttercups I didn’t feel like redoing it last night and will therefor redo it now… Cos I have to share.

TTT (Top Ten Tuesday @ That Artsy Girl)

This week’s TTT is the Top Ten books I abandoned / DNFed.

This one was a bit of a tough one for me… I don’t abandon and I don’t DNF (is that a double negative?) I have a really really hard time putting a book down if I have started it. My imagination does not allow it because I just keep on thinking about what might have happened. And then I end up just going back to it just to see what happened. I actually once read a twincest book (because I didn’t know that was what I was getting into) and I finished it because. Well. I guess it ended up being interesting and actually had a really good story.

Which leads me to my second point… I have a motto. Regret nothing. Everything makes me who I am, even the things I probably should have done. Reading that book actually opened up my book reading world to a whole different genre and really tend to enjoy some of it sometimes.

So I will adjust this weeks topic to 10 Books I probably should never have read but ended up doing anyway.

First up the 5 books I shouldn’t have read as they were just a bit more then I expected. But ended up not being to bad.

Next up would be the 5 books I started and did not enjoy finishing. Yes some of them will shock. So I am not a classics fan. *gasp*

Teaser Tuesday @ The Purple Booker

The rules here are simple. Grab the book your busy with, open on a random page and quote 2 snippets from that page. Just don’t spoil the book for your fellow readers and don’t forget to give us the title and author of the book.

Got this one as a review request – My teaser:

My gaze wanders to the door again. I am looking for the stranger, the one who saved me last night. He hasn’t come to the bar tonight, and I realize that I have been waiting for him.

It is a really interesting read. Has a few issues. but the story line is crazy intriguing (if a little weird)

First Chapter, First Paragraph, Tuesday Intros with @ Socrates Book Reviews

“Are you nervous?” Klaus asks, pulling me from my reflection in the mirror. I am sixteen now, the age which the next king marries. In two more years, I will be taking my seat as ruler of Clearwater Kingdom and the protector of this realm and others.

So like I said – a little buggy. But once I got into the story line it got a little difficult to put the book down tbh.

So are you someone that gives a book all you have? Or are you one of the lucky ones that can put it down if you find it dissatisfying.

Be Safe!


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